We have spoken before on this site about the importance of having a balanced diet on the page Importance of Testosterone. And whilst if you are serious about putting on bulk muscle quickly, you will need to invest in some testosterone supplements, I realise that not everyone who takes up body building is going to be in apposition to take supplements, at least not all the time.

In which case it is important to cook in a certain way, known as Anabolic Cooking that will allow you to get the most protein from the food you eat.

results from anabolic cooking

Results From Anabolic Cooking *Results shown are not typical, please refer to Disclaimer for explanation

But hey, you still have to enjoy eating as well don’t you? Otherwise I can guarantee that you will very quickly get bored with chicken and eggs, steak and eggs and chicken and eggs simply going back and forward between those dishes.

I don’t care how committed you are to your body building quest, you WILL get tired of eating those foods and then, you will slip, and sabotage all the efforts you have made to get shredded.

The more muscle you build the more you will need to eat, so besides it being for the sake of your taste buds you also need to be sure you cook the food in a certain way to retain the protein and enzymes required to build muscle.

This process of cooking requires the food to be cooked following a specific procedure. A guy by the name of David Ruel…(he is the guy you see in the pictures above) has been cooking this way for years and has complied a huge selection of recipes that are really easy to follow. You can find out more about it by clicking the link below.

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